What are you leaving behind? 

Yes, you know it. You've known it for some time - it's been at the back of your mind, one of those things that you "must get around to someday". Of course, many people don't get around to it. Then, suddenly, it's too late. 
Lots of things prompt a person to get around to writing a Will. Sometimes it's marriage - or divorce. The birth of a first child. The death of a loved one. Or it might be that they are making plans for retirement. It could even be sparked off by a conversation, or something you've seen or read about in the media. 
Whatever your personal reason, you're here. 
Perhaps you've not made a Will before. Maybe you wish to replace the one you already have. 
When you're no longer around, there are two possible futures. 
In the first, there are no clear instructions as to who you want to inherit from your estate, and what each of those people will receive. 
This could also be the case if your Will is not watertight and is open to being contested. Either way, you've left behind a mess – one that can easily cause worry, stress, upset and bad feelings for years ahead. 
In the second possible future, the family members and friends you love and care about are protected. They have their inheritance guaranteed. There are no questions, there is no confusion and the possibility of your wishes being ignored or overturned is eliminated. 
Knowing you've made sure that better future lies ahead, you feel settled and free from that nagging worry at the back of your mind. 
That's what we do for you – and we do it by preparing and writing your Will in the most straightforward and hassle-free way possible. 

Prepaid Funeral Planning 

Three Shires Wills provide a range of funeral plans designed to meet your requirements at a price you can afford. Safe Hands Funeral Plans, our preferred partner, is the UK’s fastest-growing and most affordable pre-paid funeral plan provider.  
Three Shires Wills is the professional Will-writing company covering Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. 
We serve five key towns: Banbury, Bicester, Brackley, Buckingham and Towcester - and we sometimes work further afield too. 
Getting your Will written does not have to be a difficult process – and it shouldn't cost the earth either. But of course, something this important does need to be done to the highest professional standards. 
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