About Three Shires Wills 

There are many options open to you when you look at Will-writing. You could go and sit in a solicitor's office, or download a do-it-yourself kit from the internet. 
The other option is to use a specialist service – one dedicated solely to the preparing and writing of Wills. 
Our entire professional reputation rests on our knowledge and expertise in Will-writing, because we don't do anything else. 
What marks us out 
So why would you choose Three Shires Wills? What marks us out? What can we offer that might be missing from other services? 
A long track record 
First, we have experience – and, as you can imagine, in this area, that counts for a great deal. We started trading as Buckingham Wills back in 2001. In 2009, we incorporated Oxford Wills to form the present company, Three Shires Wills. 
Approved by Trading Standards 
We're members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers, a body that constantly pushes for the highest standards. As members, we adhere to a code of conduct – one that is approved by Trading Standards. 
Something you should always check is that a will writer has professional indemnity insurance. Ours covers us for up to £2 million, although we've never had to claim on it yet. 
Storage of your Will 
Another vital aspect of making a Will is ensuring that it is safely and securely stored. As our Guide To Making A Will explains, if you haven't made adequate arrangements for the storage of your Will, then circumstances could arise in which it may as well never have existed at all. 
That doesn't have to happen to your family. As part of our service we arrange secure, independent storage of your Will. 
Fixed fee, quoted up front 
With any professional consultation, there is often the risk of escalating costs. You could quite rightly be concerned about ending up paying more than you expect. With Three Shires Wills, our service is all about reassurance and peace of mind. That's why we quote you a fixed fee in advance. There are no eyebrow-raising invoices – just the figure we agreed upon. 
We visit you: at home or at work 
There's also the fact that we come to you. Our consultations are arranged at a time and a place to suit your convenience. We can visit you in your office during the day, or at home in the evening. 
Making a Will doesn't have to be a stressful experience. That's what we believe, and why our tagline is "Putting minds at rest".   See what our other clients have said about us. 
In most cases it only takes an hour or so to put together and finalise a legally-binding Will. 
You're welcome to talk to us 
Is there anything else you need to know? We can talk about your circumstances and how Three Shires Wills can help you. If you're thinking it's probably time you had a new Will written, you are almost certainly right. 
For a confidential chat with no pressure, please call David Smith on 01280 840 388
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